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Anhui Polytechnic University (AHPU),located in Wuhu- a state-level open city, is aprovincial, multi-disciplinary university with strength in engineering and oneof the universities for priority development in AnhuiProvince.Its history can be traced back to 1935 when the Spanish Catholic Society ofJesus founded St. Aloysius Technical School in Wuhu, which, thereafter, had gotits name changed successively as Wuhu Electrical Motor Manufacture School (affiliated toMinistry of First Mechanical Industry), Wuhu Mechanical School, TeachingOutpost of Hefei University of Technology, Anhui Institute of Electrical &Mechanical Engineering and Anhui University of Technology & Science beforeit had its current official name in 2010. After passing the undergraduateeducation assessment by Ministry of Education in 1996, AHPU received an “Excellent Award” from Ministry ofEducation for its undergraduate education in 2007.

At present, AHPU covers an area of 100hectares with its total build-up area 500,000 square meters. Its faculty totals1300 with 1000 as full-time teachers, among which, over 500 are professors,associate professors or seniorengineers, and 85% have acquired doctorial or master degrees. Besides, AHPUinvites numbers of renowned scholars both at home and abroad, including membersof Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, to be its guestprofessors, and imports some high-level talents, including “The Yangtze RiverScholars”, to be its leading scientists of disciplines. With over 50 teachersselected as Famous Teachers, Academic & Technical Leaders, Top Talents, or Young& Middle-aged Leaders of Disciplines of Anhui Province, AHPU has now formeda team experienced in teaching, elevated in academics and capable in research.

Currently, with disciplines covering engineering,science, humanities, management, economy, law and arts etc., AHPU comprises 14colleges (or teaching departments), offering 61 undergraduate programs, with 3as the state-level featured programs and 10 as the provincial featuredprograms. It hosts 1 pilot comprehensive reform of undergraduate program at thestate level and 11 at the provincial level. It has been selected as one of theuniversities carrying out pilot reform of education plan for excellent talentsof agriculture & forestry at the state level, and gained 9 projects ofeducation plan for excellent talents at the provincial level. It also containsthe off-campus training base for college students at the state level and theeducation base for postgraduates at the provincial level.

AHPU is authorized to confer academic master'sdegree in 9 major disciplines and 38 sub-disciplines, and 7 professional master’sdegrees in 3 professional areas. There is 1provincial significant discipline (Controlling Science & Engineering), 6provincial key disciplines (Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation, DetectionTechnology & Automatic Equipment, Textile Engineering, FermentationEngineering, Management Science & Engineering and Design Art) and 15innovation platforms of science and technology (National Innovation &Service Center of Textile Industry, Anhui Coordination & Innovation Centerof High-end Equipment Manufacturing, etc.) at or above the provincial level. The“Journal of AHPU” has been selected as a journal source for the “Chemistry Digest” of the United States and the “Digest Magazine” of Russia.

AHPU sticks toits schooling principle of “rooted in quality, enhanced by talents and renownedfor feature & harmony” and its education concept of “men of honesty, modestyand assiduity”. Deeply merged into local economic development, AHPU aims tocultivate high-quality, application-oriented talents. In 2014, AHPU was awardedTop 50 Universities for graduate’s employment in Chinaand ModelUniversityfor college students’ innovation education in Anhui.

AHPU has been active in itsscientific pursuits and has made a lot of achievements. Of the researchprojects taken by AHPU, there are more than 70 under 863 Programs, NationalNatural Science Funds or National Social Science Funds and the like, over 30designated by Ministry of Education or Ministry of Science and Technology and over400 other projects by the provincial government. Over 40 research projects havebeen rewarded by the provincial government or Ministry of Education. In recentyears, AHPU has been active in expanding its programs for internationalexchanges and established cooperation in education and scientific research with20 internationally renowned universities in USA, Britain, France, Germany,South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan, etc.

AHPU is now advancingtowards “a nationally well-known and provincially first-class” teaching &research--oriented university with engineering as its outstanding strength.